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At REA STUDIOS we do it all!

Tracking, editing mixing, mastering, even in-house manufacture of printed CDs, artwork, and graphic design.

Our air-conditioned recording facilities included a 300 sq ft control room, complete with wood-burning fireplace, bar, and lounging area.

The Tracking Room is approx. 350 sq ft. and is equipped with rack-mounted headphone amp, tuner and a full control-room talkback system.

It also contains our beautiful TAMA Superstar drum kit, and hand-percussion cabinet full of jangly, clicky thingys)

The live-floor is roomy enough to accomodate a full 3-4 piece band.

NOTE: we LOVE doing "live-off the-floor" recordings.

While many studios stick to the standard 'divide and conquer' single track by track build-up, we also offer the benefits of enabling musicians that play together the facilty track together.

There is undoubtedly an energy that comes from ensemble playing, and with our considerable live experience, and years of learning studio chops, together with our equipment and set-up allowing up to 24 tracks to be recorded SIMULTANEOUSLY, we have the experience and technical skills to capture the magic of your performance. (N..B Most medium sized studios are limited to a maximum of 8 tracks).

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