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"Church on Fire" (Christian Rock)

Thanks for having the patience to help a bunch of "newbies" through the process. It was a very educational day for us. We had a lot of fun despite the obvious nerves and such. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and we were all impressed by your professional easy going approach to the project.


From Rocko Paolo (aka Rock Meister)

Eugene is a delight to work with. He is professional and at the same time, personable.

I had the joy of working on a personal recording project and chose Eugene to record my favorite guitarist: Tony "Wild T" Springer.

Eugene had never met Tony and I before this session but within minutes, the three of us were like family. We talked about our experiences and had a great time all the while not missing a beat or missing that magical recording moment.

When we went our separate ways, we kept in touch. So much so, Eugene ended up mastering my project because I trusted him with my work and knew that he would treat it with the time and respect it deserved. Eugene is that kind of guy.

From The Mainlanders (Canadian Folk Band)

" we asked Rea Studios to mix our first album, and were so delighted with the results that we had

them master it also.

Little did we know that was the start of a great relationship and friendship! There was no doubt as to where we'd record our next album, and that we did, with the expected results. More importantly we had lots of fun, and Eugene again demonstrated his ability to create and capture the moment so as to faithfully produce the finished product that we the Mainlanders, and he had in mind at the onset.

From tracking editing, mixing to mastering, Eugene puts everything into it, technical skills yes, but equally importantly heart and respect for the material.

Now with 2 CDs behind us, once again we have no doubt as to where we will record our 3rd one. Rea Studios recent move to the Midland area will not affect our decision in any way - in fact we can't wait.

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